Treasure Island Community Playground has been a destination of fun for over 25 years. While many great memories live in this wooden structure, it is now showing its age and does not meet current safety and accessibility standards. The time has come to rebuild.

The playground will be torn down and rebuilt in summer 2020. To do this well, we need your help!

The school district is supporting this project at the same levels as other elementary play areas. While this is amazing, EXPO faces some additional challenges: 

  • Our footprint is 3x the size of others in the district and spans two play areas. 
  • EXPO serves close to 700 students, one of the largest elementary schools in the district. About 16 percent of students receive special education services, and 37 percent are eligible for free or reduced lunch. EXPO has the largest district program for students with autism and needs to have open and sensory-friendly play areas for students on the autism spectrum. 
  • Other neighborhood schools regularly use the playground. The same goes for those who participate in soccer on neighboring fields and other activities. This destination playground brings families into St. Paul from all over the metro area to experience unique, imaginative play.

What is the cost?

The playground design conceptualized in 2017 will be rescaled to available funds as of December 1, 2019.  In addition to $280,000 contributed by the school district and $20,000 by the EXPO Council of Parents and Teachers, the playground effort has received over $50,000 in individual donations and matching gifts. Our community deeply appreciates every donation made to help bring the magic of this space to a new generation of children.

A note about donor recognition:

Plans for donor recognition and sponsorship levels are still being finalized but know that your contribution will be acknowledged (unless you choose to remain anonymous). If you have specific questions or requests regarding recognition or dedication of your donation, please contact

How will the new playground compare? 

As of December 1, 2019, the rebuild plans for Treasure Island are being rescaled to the available funds. Stay tuned for the finalized plans for the main landforms and climbing circuits, and for further opportunities to support the nature-based play area.

How can I help?

We are actively seeking funding support for the next phase of the playground, the nature-based play area. We hope to create an enriching, inclusive space that incorporates natural elements with gross-motor, sensory and imaginative play. There are many ways to support this effort.

  • Donate directly Tax-deductible donations can be made online. Checks made out to "Expo Council of Parents and Teachers" can be mailed/dropped off to

EXPO Elementary, Attn: Treasure Island
Expo Council Treasurer
540 Warwick Street, St. Paul, MN 55116

  • Equipment Sponsorship will be available once plans are finalized.
  • Volunteer We will need all hands on deck to create this space! Stay tuned for opportunities to help as our plans, timeline, and materials are secured.






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