Treasure Island has provided exceptional play experiences for EXPO Elementary students and thousands of children from surrounding communities for the past 25 years.


While many great memories live in this wooden play structure, it’s time to tear down and rebuild the playground to better meet the needs of all children. Treasure Island doesn’t meet current playground safety standards and is not accessible for all students, particularly students with special needs.


Your community needs your help. The new playground, scheduled for reconstruction in summer 2019, is expected to cost $717,000. The school district has allocated approximately $313,000 for the project and the EXPO Council of Parents and Teachers $20,000. A fundraising committee is hard at work writing grant proposals to area foundations and corporations, as well as asking area business owners to contribute. 



Treasure Island is a great example of what happens when people come together on behalf of students and the community. We hope you will consider giving a tax-deductible donation to the playground rebuild effort and to continue that unique partnership amongst the community, school district and local businesses.


Donate using the link above or send a check made out to "Expo Council of Parents and Teachers" to:

EXPO Elementary
Attn: Treasure Island, Expo Council Treasurer
540 Warwick Street
St. Paul, MN 55116


Thank you for your consideration, your support and for helping us make this a reality! Any questions about this campaign or want to help with fundraising efforts? Contact Megan Boldt Murphy at or 651-245-9163.