Great News! A local family foundation is willing to match every dollar donated up to 10K until December 1st!


Treasure Island has been a destination of fun and community for over 25 years providing play experiences and a chance for connection. While it has had many great years it is now showing its age, does not meet current playground safety standards, and is not accessible for all students so the time has come to replace and rebuild. Treasure Island will be torn down in the summer of 2020 and rebuilt by fall of 2020 and the timeline is ticking for additional support. We have until December of 2019 to secure additional funding before plans for the rebuild are finalized.



What is the cost?
The playground as designed is expected to cost $742,000. The school district has already allocated approximately $313,000 for the project and the EXPO Council of Parents and Teachers $25,000. Parents and community members will donate their time to install the nature play area. But we have a ways to go!


How can I help?
We are actively seeking support in the final months of fundraising and would love to have you engaged! Here are some ways you can help.

  • Talk to neighbors. Ask them to support the playground used by the surrounding community by making a donation.
  • Ask for local business support. Would they be interested in a sponsorship or direct donation?
  • Ask your place of employment if they provide matching gifts or direct grants for community projects and how.
  • Help create a social media campaign to raise awareness and dollars.
  • Join us for a Play Date at Treasure Island on Saturday October 12th from 10-12. (More details to come.)
  • Donate directly. Tax deductible donations can be made online. Checks made out to "Expo Council of Parents and Teachers" can be mailed/dropped off to EXPO Elementary, Attn: Treasure Island, Expo Council Treasurer, 540 Warwick Street, St. Paul, MN 55116.

For more Frequently Asked Questions please go TIFAQ’S.


For specific information on the working groups and ways to get involved contact Amy Huerta at or 651-329-9249.